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Frosty Winter Hot Tent Camping

Winter Hot Tenting, A night in the Russian Bear Markent Hot tent, Pizzas, cake and more.

EXPAND FOR LINKS AND DETAILS: You Can check out Russian Bear Market Tents and Stoves Here: 5% Discount Code: RBM01FD

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Rules for adding a Blog Post

  • If on approved land please add location in the title using   ( i.e.  /// ) 

  • Clean Review of your stay

  • Where possible, please remember to add before and after pictures with date stamp ( proof of "Leave no Trace" )

If your blog post does not meet the requirements set out above your review may not be valid and risk being removed. 

The purpose of these vblogs is to show land owners that  true wild campers can be trusted to camp on their land. 

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