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Leave No Trace

The 7 Principles of Leave No Trace

Technically wild camping is illegal in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and, while we would never encourage law-breaking behaviour among our legion of campers we are here to make sure wild camping can be enjoyed by true wild campers and do so with land owners permissions.

Using various blogging and vloggin mediums, we will be capturing your camps and reviews.  This not only provides good entertainment, but also provides an outlet for your blogs and vlogs while maintaining your wild camper profile which can be seen by land owners across the country.   This will give the land owners confidence that you, the wild camper, behaves in accordance to the principles of Leave No Trace.

7 Principles

Plan ahead & prepare

Travel & camp on durable surfaces

Take your waste home

Leave It how you found it

Minimize campfire impacts

Respect wildlife

Be considerate

Todays Problems

Trashed Natural Areas

A cumulative impact from every discarded wrapper can devastate a natural area—removing trash is a simple but important and effective act of stewardship.

Polluted Water

Water is precious to all life. Simple, easy-to-follow advice helps ensure that rivers, lakes and oceans receive high levels of protection.

Misinformation in the Outdoors

Simply checking the forecast can save your life. From camping skills to safety measures, there is no such thing as too much information for an enjoyable outdoor adventure.

Wildlife at Risk

Wildlife should be just that—wild. Providing access to human food, or even just approaching too closely, is more harmful than most people imagine.

Damaged Trails

Trail erosion can permanently alter the landscape and is preventable when people adopt Leave No Trace principles.

Destructive Fires

Careless actions, such as leaving campfires unattended or casually discarding cigarettes, are among the most common causes of destructive wildfires, leading to billion-dollar losses and the death of people and wildlife.

Connecting Youth to Nature

Kids are spending less time outside than ever before. Leave No Trace works every day to help develop our future champions for nature.

Crowded Parks

Overcrowding can cause disruption to wildlife, harm to the natural landscape and even lead to social conflicts.

Passionate About Wild Camping

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